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For the past two years I have been using an HTC Hero running Google’s Android operating system. Initially running Cupcake, it was upgraded firstly to Donut, then Éclair (Google from version 1.5 nicknamed each one after a particular sweet – Cupcake – Donut – Éclair – FroYo (Frozen Yoghurt) – Gingerbread – Honeycomb – Ice Cream Sandwich). As a phone it was pretty good, synchronising between Facebook and Twitter. The internet was usable, and GPS was occassionally a godsend – initially it was just a moving pin on Google Maps, but this evolved into a rudimentary turn by turn navigation system. Integration with Google was excellent, particularly the contacts and calendar.

Sadly the camera was rubbish. The OS felt as if it was designed by geeks for geeks and wasn’t quite ready for public consumption. Whilst many of my geeky friends said Android was superior to an iphone, I always desired an iphone.

Last week I switched. I had been due an upgrade for ages, and although the newer versions of Android offered a bit of extra polish, the overall feel was the same. Some new features, but nothing major. The hardware was much the same as well. It wouldn’t feel like a new phone. I decided to make the switch to Apple.

I’ve been running a Macbook as my primary computer for 3 years now, and have been very happy with it. So far the iphone feels more polished and capable. There are one or two things I’ve found which Android was better at – the main one was customisable screens with widgets, but so far I’m very pleased. The camera is much better as well – it produces usable photos for a start!


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